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5 Simple Ways to Make Your Home Feel Brighter and Livelier

Of all the adjectives we would love to hear describing our homes, bright and lively has to be up there. Arriving home in a safe and vibrant setting can make all the difference, and it doesn’t actually require too many changes to achieve this at home. Today we are going to cover the many ways you can produce a bright and lively environment at home that will lift the energy atmosphere for you and your visitors.

1. Skylights
Real, natural light is going to go a long way in brightening the space in a way that does not feel artificial. Skylights will also give your home a connection to the outdoors, with your home rising with the sun and giving way to dimmer light in the afternoon and stretching evening. They are best deployed in kitchens and living spaces as these areas are typically the largest and open-plan in design. If you intend on one day selling your property and moving on, skylights also have great long-term value and might capture the interest of potential buyers who don’t have to install skylights themselves.

2. The right artificial light
So many of us will just accept the light that illuminates from our bulbs around the home. You can actually choose LED light over halogen light sources and can have a choice between white and warm light. Warm light can be stunning in a character home environment, whereas white light can make a modern home look even more stylish and well-appointed.

Assess what sort of light is going to make your unique style of home more lively, and then set about replacing this light with quality, more energy-efficient solutions.

3. Light up your outdoor areas
Outdoor lighting can really set the scene in summer or winter and make the space more inviting for use. Even if you do intend to stay inside, having a lit tree in the backyard or festoon lighting hanging from an outdoor entertaining space can be beautiful. It sends a message that this is a house that prioritises entertainment and using the space available – what is more lively than that? It can also be seen as an enhanced security measure as there is more light coverage outside.

4. Incorporate inspiring art
Displaying art around the room can really bring a tasteful balance to the rest of your decor. This can add some colour where a wall or room was lacking some, and it can also come to life under the right natural or artificial light source. As we see with galleries and other aspirational environments, there is a real knack for hanging art and choosing their placement so take your time in choosing these pieces and where they will appear. 

5. Entertainment sources
A lively environment isn’t just seen, it can be felt. This is where your entertainment sources can come into play, and this can include a great sound system or television. Entering a space that has music playing that is in step with the vibe of the home or your current mood can instantly elevate your mood.

In saying this, when we think of a lively and bright environment we tend to confine that to objects and decor only, failing to engage all the senses. Get creative and start inspecting the entertainment sources of other homes and places that really impact your mood – as you might get some ideas of how you can replicate this technology at home.

You will note that these ideas won’t necessarily cost the earth or require any large-scale changes to your home. They will, however, make an enormous impact and will go a long way in making your home feel personal to you and your unique style.

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