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Construction Business: Fundamental Steps to Help You Get Started

The construction industry offers plenty of opportunities for people to start their own business and work for themselves. If you are skilful with tools and have a passion for building and repairing things at home and for friends, consider establishing a company. To accomplish this, plan carefully and select an organisation structure.

It begins with paper and a pen or a computer notebook to write a business plan. Your plan will be a guide for the whole process of startup to launching your company. Here are six fundamental steps to consider during your journey of starting a construction business.

1. Write a Thorough Business Plan
Your business plan should comprise the following information; company’s name, mission statement, reasons for starting a business, organisational structure, market research, financial assumptions, and the launch date. Financial assumptions show estimated costs for advertising, marketing, and for the purchase of tools, supplies, and equipment. To purchase equipment is expensive, try dry hire instead.

Once the business plan is complete, make a hard copy to use as guidance for launching your company. A business plan is significant to securing a loan and seeking investments if you need funding to start a construction company. Rely on a professional to write your business plan, if you don’t have the time to work on it yourself.

2. Choose a Business Structure
You will research the different organisational structures. The US Small Business Administration is a reliable source with information on the topic. The structure you choose will impact your liability, the amount of taxes you pay, and protection of running a business. You can choose & organise your business structure such as a sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability, or a corporation. The sole proprietorship structure has the most accessible formation compared to the other structures.

3. Register Your Business
Getting out of debt is like removing a two-ton weight from your shoulders. When you live this principle you can make fantastic progress toward your financial dreams, and this allows you to make the most of the financial opportunities available.

4. Obtain Required License and Permits
Some various cities and states require construction entities to have a license, permit, and certification to operate. The local and state governments have valuable information about the requirements and fees to get a certificate and license. Next, apply for an EIN (employer identification number) with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Check with your government to see if you need bonding to run your construction business in your jurisdiction. Although some local governments don’t require bonding, it is essential to have for protection. One credential customers look for in reputable businesses is proof of bond.

5. Apply for a Business Loan
If you don’t have the capital to start your construction company, apply for a small business loan. Banks, financial institutions, credit unions, and the SBA (Small Business Administration) offers loans at competitive interest rates and terms. While applying, submit a copy of your business plan.

6. Launch Your Company
Now, it is time to launch your business and start marketing your services. You need to maintain the financial records of your expenses and income you generate. There is a variety of accounting software you can use to perform daily bookkeeping tasks.

The fundamental steps presented above are essential to starting a small construction company. Remember, to use your business plan throughout the startup and launch processes. Let it be a guide and checklist to accomplishing your goals. How you efficiently plan and market determine the success of your business.

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