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Double Your Apartment Storage Space

Moving into an apartment or downsizing to a smaller one is a time consuming procedure with which, comes the contemplation of what to keep and what to lose. From there, it’s a small journey to the question of where will you store everything that you want to keep? Well, no need to worry because we are here to double your knowledge so you can double your apartment storage space in Brisbane.

Here’s all the ways you can utilise places that usually don’t seem to have more space than meets the eye:

Multifunctional Beds
You can easily find storage beds anywhere in Brisbane that have built in drawers at each side. These drawers can store books and art supplies that are not used as often.

There’s also a very smart option of installing a murphy bed which goes into your wall when it’s not being used. This will double the space in your bedroom for when you’re working from home or it can serve as a spacious play area for kids.

Making Use of Vacant Walls
Installing small storage shelves that can hold the extra items that you mostly need at hand turns wall space into storage space.

You can also choose to have wall-mounted cabinets that camouflage with your wall and don’t draw that much attention while also serving as the perfect storage solution for things that don’t belong in the closet.

Maximise Closet Space
Adding more racks and shelves to your closet is the first step to increasing storage space. Your closet can hold a lot more than you think if, instead of hanging every single clothing item, you try folding a portion of them and stack them on shelves.

Hooks on the inside of the door along with shoe racks will free up space at the bottom and prevent cluttering.  Foldable hanging organisers are your friend, for they will hold your purses, scarves, and tank tops, hence, leaving the drawers for additional use.

Over the Toilet Shelves
It is very common of people to disregard the bathroom as a potential storage space. But it is the room with the most empty space right in front of our eyes.

An over the toilet shelf either attached to the wall or a stand alone one will serve as an extra space for toiletries that don’t have a place on the sink but are absolutely necessary.

Increase Kitchen Space
The kitchen is one of the rooms to hold the most items and appliances in the apartment. You can increase storage space here by investing in carts that will hold all your kitchen appliances in one place. Baking supplies such as measuring cups and spoons, and baking trays can stay in a cart and can be rolled out when needed.

A triple paper dispenser is a smart way to hold your baking paper, cling film and paper towel so as to free up some space on the counters and in the cabinets.

Storage Units
Renting a storage unit for seasonal items that you don’t need for most of the year, extra furniture and objects with sentimental value is a smart way to declutter and keeping your belongings secure. This is a highly reliable and economical storage method whether you go for short or long-term.

A Word of Advice
Make sure not to turn every single corner of your apartment into a storage space. It should give off a homely feel whether that comes from fancy decorations or simple indoor plants. Don’t fret, everything has a place of its own in a home.

We hope this article was of assistance to you and eased your storage concerns.

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