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Plan An Amazing Function for Your Neighbours

Get-togethers are fun, especially when you get your neighbours involved. 

The vibrant suburbs are home to creative communities and diverse cultures. You will find people from around the world mingling in this small region.  And, the best part is we love socialising!

It’s why get-togethers are a common tradition. These casual gatherings are an excellent way to make friends and learn about each other. They also help people catch up with their loved ones and spend some quality time.

So, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a newcomer or local, in a busy neighbourhood or one that is calm and quiet. Hosting a get-together party is always a great idea. Let’s uncover how to plan an amazing one below!

Decide A Date & Time
The first step is to decide the date and time of the event.

Remember that not everyone is available throughout the week. So, finalise a date when the majority of your expected guests will be comfortable to attend. People usually prefer weekends for get-togethers.

As for timing, you can either choose a specific slot, like 12 pm to 5 pm, or you can dedicate a complete day to the gathering. It’s best to go with the latter because it reduces the pressure of timeliness and leads to more relaxed guests.

Outdoors Or Indoors
The location of your get-together can make or break the deal for you.

If you’re planning an indoor get-together, consider the size of your home. You may not be able to fit in a large guest list in case the space is small. In this case, you might have to book an indoor place like a restaurant.

But, there are two limitations to this; price and time. Most indoor places won’t allow you to stay in for the whole day, and even when they do, the cost may be too high to pay.

The second option is to host an outdoor get-together. It can be either in your home yard, restaurant, or even a park. However, make sure the weather is nice to enjoy!

Setup A Theme
Having a theme is very important. It helps determine lighting, decorations, and even the outfit choice for your guests.

For a get-together, the sky’s the limit in terms of themes. You can keep a casual, formal, or semi-casual event. Or, if you prefer something fun, why not set up a costume get-together?!

Everyone can dress up as a character and dance through the night. However, make sure to keep the guests’ age into consideration when deciding the theme. While youth and adults may like a costume party, seniors may not.

Estimate The Number Of Guests
Get-togethers can be as small as 10 people or as large as 50+ people. The number of guests greatly depends on your convenience, budget, and space availability. However, as a general rule, it’s always to make a larger than expected estimate.

The reason behind this is simple; not everyone makes it to the party. Some people will come, but many will not, especially if you’re someone totally new. To bridge this gap, create a list of expected guests with 3 to 5 extra members.

So, in case some do not show up, you will have enough people to host and enjoy the event.

Arrange An Exciting Menu
Admit it or not — good food gets everyone excited and hyped up. If you want to make people genuinely happy at the event, arrange an amazing menu!

There are different ways to go about it. You can set up an extensive brunch, lunch, and dinner plan. Or you can go with light refreshments and snacks.

Whatever you choose, make sure it matches the event timing and theme. Consider the age group and dietary requirements of your guests too. Some people might be vegans or allergic to certain ingredients.

However, if you’ve invited a large number of people, taking care of everyone’s diet might not be possible. In that case, you can arrange a little bit of every food type from something like Gathar. Or you can stick to standard foods that work well for everyone.

Calculate The Budget
As the host, you will be responsible for financing the get-together from start to finish. Even if you ask guests to bring in snacks, several other expenses need coverage. These include:

  • Setup & decorations
  • Food
  • Entertainment activities

So, before you send invitations, grab a pen and paper to do the maths. Calculate the estimated expenses according to the location, menu, and number of guests. You may also require some additional amount for unforeseen emergencies.

Stay Safe!
Covid-19 restrictions have long been lifted from many countries, including Australia. However, it’s still best to exercise caution.

For example, if you’re hosting an indoor gathering, make sure there are not too many guests. Plus, the windows and doors should be open for maximum ventilation.

Other than this, advise your guests to wear masks during travel, use hand sanitizer, and maintain a safe distance. Yes, we know some guests may find direct communication about these measures a bit rude. To avoid an undesirable reaction, mention these Covid-19 guidelines on the invitation card.

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